Thursday, 25 April 2013

Will they, won't they?

The day started off being a bit windy and cloudy. The day turned out to be a good day with fairly good weather. As we drove into Kruger we saw two big male elephants as they crossed the road walking towards the water pan to drink water. At the water pan there were already some impala and warthog. When the elephants approached the water pan, the impala and warthog gave way to them.

After lunch we came across a big herd of elephants crossing the road. About 15km away on the same road we came across a herd of buffalos walking towards a water pan. We then spotted seven lions lying in wait for the unsuspecting buffalos. Everyone was excited at the possibility of witnessing a kill. The buffalos approached the water pan and the lions stayed put keeping watch as they got closer and closer. One of the lions stood up and sneaked into a nearby bush. The lion waited but unfortunately the buffalos departed from the water pan before the lions got a chance to attack them. After a few minutes some zebra as well as impala came to the watering pan but then again the lions failed to catch any of the animals.

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